Speech Analytics

Are you turning your calls into text and passing it through a powerful AI & CI engine? If you are not then stop reading this and contact us. You are missing out on HUGE amounts of data we can analyze for you. Seriously… stop reading this and contact us. If you need more insight into why speech analytics should be at the foundation of your business read this article.

Target for Achievement

There’s a truism that you get what you reward… so reward what you want to get. Focus on what’s important to your organization – hitting targets, encouraging repeat behaviors, creating an environment for self-development – mix intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques to light a fire in people rather than under them.

Share best practices

When a good call is identified, hold a group session to allow everyone to listen to it. This will reinforce the good behavior in that individual and push others to demonstrate the same performance. Let them mark it against agreed criteria to determine whether it was a good call themselves – if you don’t have these criteria, get them to create some.

Delivering actionable information to your agents

This ties back into speech analytics, without giving your agents the proper feedback you're missing out on the huge potential for agent and revenue growth. This is where our dashboard makes your life all that much easier, giving you a quick look at what you can give them feedback on. Having all that information at your fingertips allows you to coach your agents more frequently and concisely.

Implement a structured agent coaching process

With our management journal feature, you can easily document all coaching sessions with agents. Your agents will work better if they have a thorough understanding of their job function, the services they should be providing to customers and a clear view of their targets.

Revenue Enhancement via Cross and Up-Sell Efforts

As outlined in the Aberdeen research, agents can “leverage customer data captured during a call to identify a specific product or service they can offer to the same client during the call, which allows them to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time.” By analyzing which conversations lead to more sales and what makes your top sellers so successful, it is possible to find the most effective patterns to close a deal and develop a coaching program to improve your agents’ selling techniques as well as reduce missed opportunities.

Compliance Monitoring

For example, in the Asset Recovery Market (ARM), during debt collection calls agents are required to read a “mini Miranda” paragraph to called parties or voice messaging systems. Failure to do so can result in fines and lawsuits. With Speech Analytics, companies can now listen to all calls for compliance and aggregate that data in an analytics environment.

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