What makes a call center agent successful?

Is it the sole fact you have top of the line management.

Your training goes above and beyond.

The recruiters pick the right candidates.

By now you might be nodding your head in agreement, but is that truly the case?

Sure you've met your KPIs month after month, with a steady agent churn ratio.

But why not strive to beat those KPIs and set higher and higher standards?

Because you can't.

You're at maximum quality assurance and training capacity and any shift in the wrong direction would throw that completely out of whack.

Let's say in a perfect world you’re reviewing 3% of your calls.

And having a training session with an agent on those whether positive or negative.

But is that actually effective?

Short answer, no.

What if you could quickly glance at all your calls on a given day and have actionable data in minutes rather than hours.

That's where we come into the equation.

Converting your call audio to text transcription and passing it through our complex AI & CI allows for you to do just that.

Optimize your agent performance and compliance, without having to hire more quality assurance techs.

Spend less and optimize more.

Lower agent churn rate solely because now your managers know what areas they need help with.

Whether it's compliance or cross-sell you can start saving your business money and legal issues with us.

Learn more about how Contact Cubed can start optimizing your call center today.

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